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The Urban Worm Bag: Review

The Urban Worm Bag version 2 is a large home worm farm packed full of great features to make worm farming a breeze. Our review will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on whether this is the right composter for your home.

Urban Worm Bag Worm Composting Bin Version 2 - Easy Harvest with Fully Removable Zipper-Free Bottom

The Urban Worm Bag version 2 is sure to interest both those familiar and unfamiliar with the original version. There’s something unusually appealing about the combination of the modern angular frame, with the rustic-looking, tough compost bag. That said, this device will not look out of place, even if kept indoors. It’s easy to assemble, clean to operate and, very importantly, durable. It’s also worth mentioning that the device was designed by the Urban Worm company. Based in the US and created by a veteran, it has a well-earned reputation for creating some of the best vermicomposters available on the market.

Urban Worm Bag overview

This incredible vermicomposter comes full of useful features which make using it easy and efficient. Since the Urban Worm Bag Version 2 comes as a kit, it’s first necessary to assemble it. There’s no need for any tools during the process. Made with a quick build, click-together system and supplied with easy to follow instructions, putting this thing together is a breeze. It can even be given as a small project for children, under adult supervision of course. This is an opportunity to introduce them to composting and learn about recycling.

Urban Worm Bag Worm Composting Bin Version 2 - Easy Harvest with Fully Removable Zipper-Free Bottom

DIY frame option

As an alternative, just like the original, this new version can be bought as a bag only. This then requires the owner to build their own frame out of materials of their own choice. This can be an advantage, as it can both save money and make the Urban Worm Bag version 2 custom tailored to the needs of the owner. (Interestingly, Steve from the Urban Worm Company offers some DIY frame designs on his website – free of charge!) Either way, thanks to the high quality of materials used in its production, it can be used either inside or outdoors.

To purchase the bag only version, click here.

Continuous flow design

One of the key features of this vermicomposter, is the clever “continuous flow” system it uses. The bag is continually in use and ensures that each compost harvest is virtually worm free. You won’t need to spend time picking your worms out of the compost. New waste is added to the top of the bag with the harvestable compost located to the bottom of the bag. Harvesting is easy using the conveniently designed closure and drawstring. There’s also no manual mixing of the bag contents required, allowing for a cleaner, more hygienic experience.

Urban Worm Bag version 2 features

Easy access to castingsThe Urban Worm Bag v2 uses a series of clips and velcro to attach the collection bag at the bottom of the structure. To harvest the castings, simply un-clip the bag and remove it from the main section to access the opening to let the contents out.
Added drawstring for extra securityThe opening at the bottom of the bag used for harvesting the castings is reinforced with a drawstring. This minimizes the contact between the compost and the velcro and snap closure. It’s a clever but simple solution, which prevents dirt ingress into the velcro, making it less likely to fail and lose grip even during harvesting.
Improved zipper over the previous versionThe composter is filled via the zip-up hatch on top of the bag. The double zipper means the bag can be open in any direction, from any direction. Although a simple design, this makes a big difference, especially if the composter is kept in a corner.
Robust frameThe included frame is easy to assemble and able to support the weight of a full bag of compost. Ensure that you place it on a flat surface for the best results and to avoid warping.
Lifetime warrantyThe folks at Urban Worm Company offer a lifetime warranty for the bag and other components provided it is kept indoors.
DimensionsIf the original frame is used, the composter will measure about 27 inches wide, 27 inches deep and 32 inches high.

Urban Worm Bag Worm Composting Bin Version 2 - Easy Harvest with Fully Removable Zipper-Free Bottom


  • Free from bad odors – The Urban Worm Bag is odorless and can be kept inside. This is due to the improved aeration of the bag by using fabric. 
  • Easy to use – The continuous flow system is simple and doesn’t require any contact with compost. Throw in waste, take out compost. It doesn’t get any easier!
  • Easy Access – Extremely robust and versatile bottom opening.
  • Budget-friendly – The Urban Worm Bag is only 1/3 of the price of the Hungry Bin, its main competitor, yet still process a decent amount of waste when compared to the more common stacked tray designs.
  • Lifetime warranty – Made with good quality materials that are set to last. If you store your Urban Worm Bag v2 in the proper conditions (i.e. indoors) then the Urban Worm Company will offer a lifetime warranty for the product. Not bad at all.


  • Can get a bit wet – Since the bag doesn’t contain a spigot to drain the leachate produced by the worms, moisture can build in the bottom of the bag and get messy.  To drain your worm bag, leave the collector compartment fully off, with just the slightest amount of slack in the drawstring. The liquid can then drip into a bucket or container you place below. This also improves airflow in the bag, keeping the worms nice and healthy!
  • Harder to check on your worms – The bag doesn’t have any windows or openings except at the top and bottom, which makes it more difficult to check the state of worms and compost. You may have to get a bit dirty in this case.
  • Flat surfaces only – The original frame can twist and bend if not situated on a perfectly level surface which limits the places you can store it, especially if you plan to keep it outside.

How to use the Urban Worm Bag


Assembly of the Urban Worm Bag version 2 is really quite straightforward. All that really needs to be done is to assemble the support frame on a flat surface. The tubes are push to fit with a straightforward male end and a female end. A small spring-loaded stud helps keep them securely fastened. The tubes feed through the tabs on the worm bag so that the bag may hang freely. There are a total of 8 horizontal supports and 4 vertical supports. 

Add your food in the top

The Urban Worm Bag version 2 really shines when it comes to its ease of use. Put food waste and dry bedding in the top, open and harvest ready to use compost from the bottom. A double zipper allows you to access the worm bag from any angle, an advantage over the previous model. It has to be mentioned however that it may take as long as six months for the first batch of compost to be produced. The first batch may also be quite wet and still contain live worms and unprocessed food waste. Simply put the batch back in the top of the vermicomposter where it will be re-recycled by the constantly improving ecosystem!

Harvesting the Castings

To harvest your castings, simply unclip the section at the base of the worm bag to access the opening. Next, loosen the drawstring to expand the opening and access the castings. Once you’ve harvested enough, simply pull the drawstring closed and re-attach the bottom section using the clips. It’s as simple as that!

Urban Worm Bag Worm Composting Bin Version 2 - Easy Harvest with Fully Removable Zipper-Free Bottom

Urban Worm Bag Worm Composting Bin Version 2 - Easy Harvest with Fully Removable Zipper-Free Bottom

Urban Worm Bag Worm Composting Bin Version 2 - Easy Harvest with Fully Removable Zipper-Free Bottom

Urban Worm Bag Worm Composting Bin Version 2 - Easy Harvest with Fully Removable Zipper-Free Bottom

Things to Remember…

When it comes to maintenance, there really isn’t much to do here either, except periodical checks for worm health. However as mentioned in the cons, the original frame does need to be checked for bending and twisting. If that happens, the bag may have to be moved onto a level surface, or shimmed level. However, if kept inside, warranty may cover such defects if they were to appear.

Urban Worm Farm castings in soil


The Urban Worm Bag version 2 is an incredible composter. It definitely makes composting at home with worms easy and more hygienic than other more common types of worm farms. It has definitely been improved from the first version sporting a host of new features making it better than ever. It’s easy to use, completely odorless and it can make a massively difference to the household food waste output, turning it back into great compost. We can’t recommend the Urban Worm Bag 2 enough! Check the latest prices below on Amazon, or order direct from the Urban Worm Company.

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