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Hi there! Thanks for visiting Worm Farm Reviews.

My name is James and I started this website with the aim of helping people learn a little bit more about what is quickly becoming a popular hobby – worm farming. 

My interest in worm farming began when I was researching composting methods to reduce the amount of food waste I was throwing away daily. Since I live in a small apartment with my wife, I really didn’t want anything too large that would take up too much space on our balcony. Worm farming presented the perfect opportunity for us to be able to recycle our food waste whilst creating a rich fertilizer to use on our plants at home.

We have seen a huge reduction in the amount of waste we throw away in the trash as a result. It really is quite satisfying knowing that we’re not only helping to reduce our waste sent to landfill, but also providing our plants the best nutrition to help them thrive (and believe me, they are!) 

At Worm Farm Reviews, we aim to be the best resource for all things vermiculture on the web. There is a lot of contradictory information out there that can make it difficult for those starting out (we certainly felt that way.) We strive to provide the best researched, in-depth information we can that doesn’t get too caught up in loads of technical jargon. We believe worm farming should be accessible to everyone and aim to do just that.

Worm Farming for Beginners

Hopefully you will find some useful reviews and tips on this site to help you start your very own worm farm at home. We have guides to help you get started, lists of supplies that you can purchase to make the job of looking after your worms that little bit easier, and much more. We will be continually updating this site with more vermiculture articles so keep checking back for more info!

Join us in starting your very own worm farming journey today! 

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